Professional Woven Fabrics Manufacturer
ESW was established in 1999 and has become the largest producer of woven fabric (Paper, Polypropylene, PE and PVC) in China’s Thaizhou Region. Considering that eighty percent of all of above woven fabrics are manufactured in Thaizhou, and ESW is responsible for thirty percent of the region’s output, ESW has a considerable, nationwide stake in the woven fabrics industry.
ESWoven woven polypropene is a durable fabric that comes in a variety of colors and is used to produce all sorts of items such as bags, shoes, placemats, storage containers, wallpaper, blinds and even carpets. The fabrics fall into two main categories: knitted and woven. We have found that most of our customers do not know the difference. So, how do you tell the one from the other? For the knit fabric, think of the way your mother might knit a sweater from a continuous ball of wool with a pair of needles.


>Woven Cloth

Woven Cloth

>Classification Of Mats

Classification Of Mats


E Stronger Woven(Taizhou)Factory has gotten several patents,Such as patent for utility models and design patent. Our products are tested by SGS and TUV and other organization.

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